Virtual visits to the Alhambra

As you all know, the Alhambra has been closed since last Friday 13th March because of the coronavirus. 

As an alternative, the Patronage of the Alhambra and Generalife has proposed to publish in their social networks virtual routes so that we can visit different parts of the monument from home. 

So far we have been able to visit La Torre de la Cautiva and the Aljibe de las Tendillas but it is expected that many more virtual visits will be published, all of them accompanied by an explanatory audio. 

La Torre de la Cautiva is a tower-palace and a real jewel of Nasrid art. It is a space that is not included in the entrance of the Alhambra nor is it usually open to the public for conservation reasons although during the month of February this part of the Alhambra has been open in an exceptional way. 

The Aljibe de Tendillas dates back to 1494, just after the conquest of the Alhambra by the Catholic Monarchs, and is named after the Count of Tendilla. It was built in order to guarantee the water supply. This cistern is considered to be one of the largest in Spain with a capacity of 1632 cubic metres. As with the Torre de la Cautiva, this space is not included in the entrance to the Alhambra. 

Without a doubt, these virtual tours are the best option to continue enjoying the culture without moving from home! 

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