Visit to the Nasrid Palaces

Today we are talking about what is undoubtedly the best known part of the Alhambra for you. 

Although I take this opportunity to remind you that the Alhambra is a very extensive monument and that all its spaces are invaluable. 

The Nasrid Palaces are the habitual residence of the Kings of Granada and are formed by three palaces: 

-The Mexuar. Considered the oldest part of the whole palace complex, it was used for matters related to justice and for meetings of the King’s ministers. In the interior of this room we can appreciate an oratory that is focused on Mecca. It was after the conquest of the Catholic Kings that it was transformed into a chapel. 

-The Comares Palace. It was the place destined to deal with state affairs. Nowadays it is presided by the Comares Tower. We can also find inside it The Baths of Comares, of Moslem style but with decoration of Christian age. These baths do not maintain their original state as they have not been well preserved and have been restored on numerous occasions. 

-The Palace of the Lions. It is the private area of the royal family. It is composed by a central patio better known as the Patio of the Lions. In this part we can appreciate the nazari art in its maximum splendor. 

We take this opportunity to leave you with some recommendations when visiting the Nasrid Palaces: 

-The Nasrid Palaces in the only part where you have to choose an entrance time. This is a very important aspect since if we do not arrive punctually at the time marked on our entrance, we will be automatically denied access. The rest of the visit to the Alhambra, consisting of the Alcazaba, Generalife and the Palace of Charles V, can be done freely until the closing time of the monument without any time restrictions. 

-The access to the Nasrid Palaces can be done at the entrance next to the Palace of Charles V. If we access from the main door, next to the ticket offices, we will need approximately 20 minutes to reach the Nasrid Palaces. 

-You can also make the reservation for the night visit to the Nasrid Palaces, without a doubt a magic visit accompanied by an official guide of the Alhambra. 

-If you go with a baby carriage, please note that it is totally forbidden to enter the interior of the Alhambra, either in this part or in the Generalife. 

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